The Most Famous Songs in Sports!

We all love music, don’t we? Music is really great, whether as a pastime, for motivation, for the pleasure of hearing something new, for a transcending experience, something out of this world, to work. Everyone likes music for different reasons. Many people listen to music as a hobby.

Some people do other things, of course, like online sports betting with a Casa Pariurilor bonus code, or similar codes. Everyone has their hobbies.

In sports, songs tend to make some moments iconic. Every club has its own anthem and song, not to mention that national anthems get played at international events.

But, there are several sports songs that are really famous. Here are the most famous of the bunch.

Queen – We Will Rock You

It doesn’t get simpler than this. When this song was being conceived, Brian May of Queen decided that it was time to have a song that the audience could participate with. The audience basically keeps the rhythm of the song by stepping twice and clapping once. That is the introduction to the song and the entirety of the song’s rhythm.

The lyrics are also nice and so is the mid-song guitar and bass notes that come in, as well as a short solo. But, this song is always played at sports events, particularly live. 

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

Some songs are played for their message, though this song has everything. It has a strong intro, sung by none other than Steve Perry and then a very interesting guitar melody played by Neal Schon. The chorus of the song is the main reason why the song is played, as well as its popularity. 

When the opening chords hit, everyone knows what’s about to go down. It is an inspiring song, and its very title suggests what you can expect to take from it. Once everyone joins in, the song pretty much takes over stadiums.

Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

At some point in time, a director of the GameDay events decided that this song should be played while the bases are being loaded. It is a really good song that starts with the iconic All Aboard line, sung by Ozzy Osbourne, who has an easily recognizable voice. Followed by his laugh and a very memorable guitar riff, the song takes off and we go along for the ride. It is indeed a crazy train and a great song, on and off the pitch.

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

The Eye of the Tiger, the very song that everyone knows from a Rocky movie, as well as from hearing it in the gym. It is an inspiring song that basically tells us that we should always rise up and meet the challenge, to strive to become better. It is a song that is all about motion and getting up and trying it all over again.

Performed by Survivor, a then relatively unknown band, it made Rocky III a very special movie, not to mention that Survivor became a lot more popular because of it. 

Queen – We Are the Champions

This is a very easy song to predict when it comes to winning anything, from a simple match to a tournament. It is a song about overcoming a challenge and becoming a champion, internally and literally.

These are some of the most famous sports songs, played at various sports events all over the world.

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