Does Lo-Fi Music Really Help Us With Studying?

There are plenty of myths in today’s world. Most of these myths spread through social media and various informative articles that basically repeat what uninformed people type on forums, without a care in the world.

This time, the myth in question has to do with music. Music is said to help us with focusing and in some cases, studying. Some forms of music are said to be more effective when it comes to studying. The type of music that is supposed to make us focus better is lo-fi. Is that true or not? Let us examine it in detail.

What is Lo-Fi?

Lo-fi stands for low fidelity, just like hi-fi stands for high fidelity and wi-fi for wireless fidelity. Lo-fi is a type of music that is characterized by blemishes and imperfections that are intentional, so as to make the music sound as if it were produced on a cardboard computer and interface, as opposed to modern machines. 

Sometimes, bad equipment is also used to make it more authentic. But, how is lo-fi music supposed to help us focus more? That just sounds like bogus, doesn’t it? Somewhat.

Music Can Help Remove Distractions

Easy beats, music without lyrics and something that’s just there to give you a certain rhythm and melodies, is great for the brain. That can help provide just the right amount of noise so as not to sit in silence. This is also very helpful when it comes to working in public places, or rather studying, whether cafes or libraries.

Removing distractions, however, is something that can be done by any type of music, provided that it doesn’t distract you from studying. That depends on the person and their taste in music and listening habits, of course.

There Are No Studies That Support This

When there are no studies that show tangible results for lo-fi music, you cannot really say that it is good for studying in general. It is perhaps good and effective for some people under certain circumstances.

Having no scientific evidence to support a claim just means that some people said it was effective and that it took off, based on some form of logic. It is helpful for some people, definitely, but not everyone. People who dislike lo-fi music are unlikely to benefit from listening to it while studying, it would be a distraction and a mood killer.

Music Should Elevate Our Mood

Music typically improves our mood, which is why it is associated with helping us focus and do mental tasks better. When we are in a better mood, we are more likely to perform better, whether physical tasks or mental ones.

For some, lo-fi is the right combination of melodies, basslines and beats, with the right flair to make it interesting and have a positive effect on their mood. For others, lo-fi just doesn’t do it and something like hard rock is a much better mood catalyst.

While there is no scientific evidence that shows lo-fi as a study improving type of music, it can be beneficial, like all music, to the people who enjoy it.

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