Enjoying Music in Video Games

Music plays an important role in video games. It’s used to set the mood of the scene and the journey up ahead. Softer music is used when you are going through a town or exploring the surroundings when there is no threat. You can notice that as the task at hand gets harder the music changes in order to add to the excitement. When there is a battle right ahead, the tunes get darker and more epic, creating a sense of challenge and waking up courage within the player.

This is why it is important that music in video games is made well. It is the key motivator in the hardest of battles! And once you win and the Victory Fanfare starts playing, you will feel on top of the world.

Here are some of the most beautiful songs you will have the honor to enjoy while playing or just watching a game.


This song reminds us of something melancholic in us. It is emotional and tugs at our heartstrings. Endings are sometimes expected, and sometimes not. Choosing the right track for an ending can make it even more meaningful. No matter whether the ending is happy or sad, the tunes that play at the end help us understand it better and sympathize more with the character. An Ending definitely creates a sense of empathy and it is a great example of what an ending sounds like. Toby Fox, the mastermind behind this track, never ceases to amaze.

Ori and the Blind Forest—Main Theme

This is probably the only game that will make you weep right there at the main menu. The Main Theme from Ori and the Blind Forest is a truly touching song. It’s a tune that will forever be somewhere at the back of your mind and the center of your heart. The soft humming helps illustrate an even stronger sense of deep sorrow and nostalgia that the game portrays so well.

Super Mario Galaxy—Gusty Garden Galaxy

This is probably the best music in any Mario Game. It gives the impression of a victorious hero coming back home; a celebratory masterpiece. While listening, it makes you feel proud of whatever accomplishment you have made and it tells the story of what true greatness feels like.

Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time—Kokiri Forest

A happy-go-lucky track! This song plays while you explore the village in the game and always manages to put a smile on your face. It is cheerful and light and reminds you of childlike wonders.

These are just some of the most memorable pieces of music you can find in video games, but the list of great video game music is definitely much longer.

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