What is it Like to be a Music Star – A Glimpse into a Star’s Life

Music stars live interesting lives, yet people often think that these lives are so much different from a life of non-star. They can be, indeed, but it is not always the case, as the stories of so many, now over 70-year-old musicians tell. There are different stories to tell and different angles to look at.

The Accursed 27 Number – Club 27

This was and still is a certain theory that some great musicians die at the age of 27. There are plenty of musicians who died at the age of 27 which sprouted the name of club 27. Back in 1969, up to 1971, four popular musicians died at the age of 27, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Brian Jones. Many of these starts lived a very vivid life, including lots of substance abuse. Kurt Cobain’s death sparked a lot of interest in club 27, at which point, more than 2 decades later, there was a renewal in the interest of these stars and their premature deaths. Needless to say, these stars are prime examples of live fast, die young.

Success at a Cost

There is one controversial story, which is to this day, important in the music business, and that is the story of Freddie Mercury. Born Farrokh Bulsara, he quickly changed his name and started off on a journey with Queen. He lead a very tumultuous life, with parties, often with substance abuse and frequent partner changes. In 1987, he was diagnosed with AIDS, which lead to his death in 1991. Many homosexuals from that period died due to AIDS and unsafe sexual practices. Freddie died at the age of 45, with a very successful and star-like career behind him.

The Quiet Ones – Success Without Drama

Some musicians just live their lives in quiet, today engaging with their fans on social media, but living otherwise quiet lives. Some from the 70s are still active today, using the internet and talking with their fans, yet you do not hear any wild stories about their past or present. Some of these stars are Ian Anderson, from Jethro Tull, or anyone from Rush. Rush are particularly known to be down to earth guys who love to have a casual chat with their fans.

Another great example is Paul Rodgers, who sang with Free, at the age of 18, then Bad Company, then Queen, now with Bad Company and with his own band. He is often considered a typical example of a male rock star, yet he is known to be casual and normal, without any exceptionally dramatic experiences, especially when interacting with others.

Being a music star requires lots of work, dealing with publishers, travel and the paparazzi. It can also mean living life on the wild side, with substance abuse and parties, but it does not have to. Frankly put, more music stars live simple lives, yet their stories are not filled with drama and are therefore nowhere nearly as popular.

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