The Most Popular Topics on the Radio

The radio, who still listens to that? Apparently, a lot of people, hundreds of millions, in the United States alone. Even though many streaming services are available, people still stick to the radio, as that is something they know and love. Today, the radio is available online as well – so that makes it easy for people to access any station at any given time. It’s really the same as it is for anything we want to find on the internet – give the search engine a few seconds and bam, suddenly there is a website for our favorite band or a favorite radio station in front of us. Given that so many people still listen to the radio, even radio shows, here is what they are often listening to, music not included.


Many people love tuning in and listening to a speech about politics. Now, politics are a broad topic, but the odds are great that someone will mention Trump, sooner or later. Wars are often a topic with these kinds of shows, as well as a general political situation of a country or state, depending on the station.


Believe it or not, animals are a great topic, a topic which usually has a lot of listeners. People love animals, caring about them, many see them as more than just pets but friends. Goats, pigs, snakes, spiders, large and domestic cats, dogs, wolves, bears, birds, crocodiles, elephants, there are so many animals to talk about. Sometimes, the talks are not as cheerful, but discuss animal slaughter, poaching or “incidents”.


Financial situations are often discussed, the Wall Street, banks, money in general. This topic is very broad and can include jobs, employment rate and more. These are serious topics, but some like a light mood and they go with money spent on dates or the most money you found and the things you did with that money. Radio talk show hosts know how to reach an audience and grab their attention.

Health and Relationships

Oftentimes, radio shows will have a guest doctor who can give out advice to callers. The doctor could be a psychologist or a general practitioner. Health topics are common even without guest doctors, especially when there is a flu season or a breakout or anything else. Health is a recurring topic.

Another recurring topic is that of relationships. People love talking about dates, significant others, their friends or family. Sharing experiences on a radio can be liberating, as well as an enlightening experience.


The news is an everlasting topic, one that is always present on a radio station. Whether you are talking about the weather or about road conditions, you will always have something to report on. You can also deal with specialized news, about music, politics, economy, any topic which is relevant to a show or type of radio station. Small news breaks are always great, especially if there are any important things to broadcast.


Sports will always attract people. Knowing the local sports can help a radio station out. Talking about the local sports and teams is always a good idea, and if that is not an option due to a lack of news, then moving on to a country-wide or statewide sports news is the next best thing.

These are some of the most popular topics on the radio, but also a great set of ideas for an upcoming station.

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