Most Popular Music Apps

Music today, is very important for all kinds of reasons. Nobody goes very long without music. It is everywhere, from streams to radios, to commercials and even on your phone, whether as a ringtone or as music you prefer listening to in your spare time. However, music is often played by people on the go. Not all people have the luxury of buying music, so many turn to applications and listen to free music. And thanks to technology, we can all visit and browse these apps in order to find the one which fits us best, the same way people who are into sports might browse the web to find the bookmaker with a bet365 Bonus Code, or the perfect HD streaming. Luckily, for you, we spent some time browsing and comparing the music apps on the marker today in order to create this article. Today, we will be mentioning some of the best music apps you should definitely try out.

Here are the best music applications.

Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s application which allows users to access their entire database of music for a monthly subscription fee of ten dollars. This application, even though it’s an Apple product, comes for both Android and iOS operating systems. The best thing about it is that you can upload your own songs, up to 100,000 of them, which is a rather ridiculously large number.

Google Play Music

This application is in a strange state, mostly because Google plans to eventually merge it with YouTube. This does not mean that all subscribers of the Play Music application will just fade into nothingness, but rather, their subscription will be transferred to YouTube Music Premium memberships, and they will retain all their playlists and uploads. So, subscribing to this application is not a bad idea, at all, as it gives access to Google’s entire song library, as well as providing you with the option of uploading your songs, though less than the Apple Music app does. Google Play Music, however, is a free application, for both the Android and iOS systems.


This is one of the biggest music streaming apps, as it has more than 80 million subscribers, at least, by their own reports. Spotify, however, is available in select countries, so you would need to check the availability before you get hyped for lots of free music. Yes, the application is free, though they do offer subscriptions which come with benefits of their own. The free application does give you only the option to play songs shuffled, and making your own playlists requires a subscription. The application is available on the iOS and Android systems, as well as Windows, macOS and Linux distributions.

TuneIn Radio

The best thing about this application is that you can listen to live radio stations from all over the world. There are about 120,000 radio stations which you can listen to, at any given point in time. The application is free and does require an internet connection, as the radio stations are streamed, of course. The application is available on the iOS and Android systems, as well as by listening from their website.


This is a great application which mirrors their website perfectly. It is used to share, store and download music files. The application is just like the site and is often used to discover indy recordings, alternative music and things which are often far too mainstream to find success elsewhere. The application is free, for both the Android and iOS systems. They do have a Pro membership, but that is only beneficial to artists.

These are some of the best applications which you can use to stream and listen to music. They come from various companies and offer a variety of music, for free or for a price.

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